Recent news about Google+ had their chief Bradly Horowitz saying: “No, Google Plus is not dead. In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.” Recent interview.

However, it seems that Google+ is being presented to the public in a very obscure way. This can be very irritating to those who are still trying to use Google+, i.e. user(s)/business owner(s). This is particularly true to the industry professionals trying to determine to integrate Google+ into their own business game plan.

In the interview with Horowitz there are a lot of empty answers that make you wonder which way they are going with the product. He even says he won’t discuss their plans for the product, or it’s perceived failures, making everyone wondering on the future of Google+.

Other obscure facts were the total number of users for Google+. It was very difficult to get a firm statistic on how many actual users Google+ has. Most quoted number is 300m, but this is old data that doesn’t give current statistics.

However, there are some independent statistics that show the user base to be 4-6 million people. This is based off a public posting. Whichever way you look at it, why hide the fact that user base is lower? Just let us know the insight, why would any business want to waste time implementing Google+ into their business plan if it’s not going to survive.

As of right now there could be many new ideas floating around for Google+, but take this into consideration before implementing or creating a user/business profile. No one wants to put time into a project that possibly will not exist a year from now. It’s obvious that Google+ will never be what Facebook is, a social media mainstream. Google+ will more than likely turn into a side project for Google. So, don’t put too much effort into your Google+ page(s). Use your time in a more constructive manner.


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