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Small businesses within Dexter, Michigan can benefit from a custom website design in many ways. But first, we want to elaborate on why it’s important to have a professional website design team work for you. Most clients we work with always have the question, “Why do I need to pay for a website design when I can create it myself?” Clients also bring up the fact that they can get a website for $100 or less.

However, if you are about to build a home do you want to use the cheapest materials? Consider your website the home in this demonstration. With a home comes materials that need to be quality to create an overall solid build right? Same with a website, you want to have a quality design that will create an overall solid marketing build. Like your home, your website needs to stand the test of time. Don’t let poor quality hurt your online presence.

Have you ever heard the saying, “You get what you pay for”? That saying plays a huge affect when trying to make the decision whether or not to have website design specialist help your online ventures.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself when thinking about conducting a website build on your own.

  1. Are you using common templates? Guess what, so is everyone else- We need to face facts, small businesses are trying to save money. With this comes cutting corners and a majority of the time corners are cut on their website. What’s this mean? Small businesses are using common templates that their competition is using. Do you want to be different? Or do you want to be the same as your competition online?
  2. UX design that matters- When you have a website that has custom design you get a product that is different. Not only is it different but it’s also user-friendly interface that let’s your customers use your website with ease. Functionality is extremely important for anyone visiting your website and that’s what we’re good at.
  3. Keeping awareness of brand- Having a website is an extension of your business. You must keep it at that same quality and standards as you would any other part. We’ve seen too many businesses keep their brochures and business cards with high quality, but totally neglect their website. Considering 81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying. With a cheaply-made website comes doubt on your brand. Make it professional looking. Don’t lose business because you want to save money, as in the end, it will hurt you.
  4. Subpar customer service- Using these “make it yourself” websites you’ll learn quickly that you won’t have the opportunity to use marketing experts that care. What you will be dealing with is services that require more activation fees. Make a good marketing decision and use a company that has real marketers, programmers, and designers!

Your website is a 24/7 marketing machine. It’s continually running for all the public to see what you have to offer. So offer the public a user-friendly and custom website design that future clientele in Dexter, Michigan can appreciate!


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