As a website owner in Monroe, Michigan, it’s critical to make sure your website doesn’t fall victim to duplicate content! A majority of people running their own website do not understand that search engines trying to index them dislike duplicate content. The key is to manage the duplicate content before it becomes a bigger concern.

What is duplicate content? Duplicate content is content or URL’s that appear in more than one place on search engines or across domains. This content is the same or very similar to content that already exists. Google does a great job of explaining what duplicate content is and also how to proactively avoid the issue.

No matter which way you look at this, it can cause major issues with Google or any other search engine you are indexed on. The reason behind this is due to the fact that search engines do not want five of the same links. They only want one. If a website index has several different URLs pointing to identical content it deteriorates the search engine ranking and scoring systems. This could possibly cause the search engine to completely dismiss any valid content your business creates which will lower your search engine position.

Here are some ways to keep duplicate content away from your Monroe, Michigan business website:

Stay away from using the same content – Do not keep using the same old content for every single page or post you put on the Internet. Creating original content may seem like lots of work, but in the end it will pay off! Create new articles, be original, and change the description on each page.

Metatags for Robots – You have the ability to tell the search engine robots how to interact with your metatags. Adding “noindex, follow will alert the robots to not index that particular page or post. For WordPress, we recommend Google XML Sitemaps, a great plugin that can walk you through the process with simple prompts.

URLs With Case-Sensitivity Issues – When adding a URL do NOT add capitalization. For example, valentinowebdesign.com/DontAddCapsInURL. The proper method would be valentinowebdesign.com/dont-add-caps-in-url. The great thing about WordPress is it automatically changes the case-sensitivity for the specific URL.

Google Webmaster Tools – This helps control and oversee how your website URLs are functioning. Google Webmaster Tools give you the ability to see statistics that will improve your search results and make the correct changes maximizing SERP.

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