Did you receive an email from Facebook requesting you to update or review page information on your Facebook Page? We’ve seen this happen with a couple of our clients and want to alert you to pay attention to them, as these emails are legitimately from Facebook. Always make sure to check the FROM address to see if the email is legit, as it should end with @facebook.com. After you’ve made sure email is legitimately from Facebook you can proceed.

Facebook is giving you the option to change your information to their suggestion, or you can reject it. If you decide not to reject it, Facebook will automatically make the suggested change by the date it references in the email.

In the two emails our client has received, we rejected one and accepted the other suggestion Facebook sent.

In the first email our client received from Facebook it said:

“It looks like the information on CLIENTS WEBSITE is inaccurate or out of date.

Please verify the information below for accuracy.

If we don’t hear from you by SAID DATE, the information in question will be automatically updated.

Suggested category:
Professional Services”

This was a good suggestion for the client’s business Facebook page, as they never set their category, so we accepted the suggested change for them.

However, the second suggested change was to change the phone number. Facebook wanted to change their Facebook business profile phone number to their fax number. This was NOT correct, so we rejected Facebook’s suggested change on that.

We wanted to discuss this in our blog because you need to be alert as a Facebook profile owner. Make sure to pay close attention to Facebook’s emails and don’t just disregard them to your trash. If you don’t pay attention to their emails Facebook will make the change if they don’t hear back from you!

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