Coming closer to the end of 2015 you should start to be familiar with responsive web design, as this can make or break your websites search engine ranking. Check out what Google did- Mobilegeddon.

Responsive web design can have a lot of advantages, the main one being the adaptability that it offers for mobile users, which has grown to an all time high, as mobile use now exceeds PC. Also the fact that most of digital media happens via mobile Apps.

Mobile stats vs desktop users GLOBAL

While using a mobile or tablet device the screen adapts to fit, this makes the user interface much easier for your potential or current customer. So mobile users get a more compact, using less bandwidth resource website, while desktop browsers get a more full-bodied layout.

So what do you need in a responsive website to prosper? Check the list out below, it can help you get on the right track.

2015 Must Have Responsive Web Design Elements

  1. Faster Speeds and Low Bandwidth- Making sure speed is up to par is very important for every website. Many websites lose potential customers due to the fact that their website doesn’t load fast enough while viewed on a mobile or tablet device. You have to also make sure that your images used are not large in size. People that access your website could be doing it from 3G or 4G using their data plans. It’s critical to make sure that people are not using a lot of data when visiting your website.
  2. Framework that works- Using a framework that brings high-quality designs without paying a fortune. Creating that foundation is essential to your users experience. Take a look at this option- Foundation.
  3. Using web components- Google’s Polymer Project is the perfect example of components/elements that can extend HTML. These elements will only grow as responsive web design gets bigger.
  4. Images and icons size- Bandwidth and data is important to take into consideration, as many of your mobile users will be accessing your site that way. Reducing the size of any images and icons will help increase the speeds of your website. This will allow the users to scroll through your website faster and without using a ton of their data plan up.
  5. Main focal point is your user- Every website wants to make sure their users are able to access their website with ease. Using these steps above can help you create an environment that will allow your users to have the best possible experience. In late 2015 you have to assume your users are going to be on a mobile or tablet device, it’s the reality of the internet. The appropriate way to increase your online business marketing plan is to form your website around your users. Give them what they want to create a easier experience for them.

Below are more charts showing mobile usage growth over PC

1.  Mobile usage in the U.S. is at 51% compared to desktop which is 42%.

Mobile Internet Trends


2. Showing how many consumers are using mobile devices.

Desktop vs mobile most popular devices


3. Google shows how consumers research products using mobile search and review sites.

Mobile commerce statistics 2014 research


4. Digital commerce chart showing mobile vs PC growth rates.

Retail mobile growth use
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