A historic event for all web users, Google has came out with new algorithm that will have you looking at your website statistics! You might want to see if your website traffic has nosedived in the last 24 hours, as Google’s “Mobilegeddon” is in full tilt.

The one, the only, Google, has launched it’s infamous algorithm to favor websites that are “mobile friendly”. What’s this mean? Well, if you are a website owner and have not gone to the mobilized recommendations, Google, with their new algorithm will more than likely be moving your website lower in the rankings.

For people that don’t understand what mobilizing a website is, here you go: Google Mobile

Now, what’s this mean for you? Is your website not mobilized? You need to know that this algorithm has taking effect already, 4/21/15, and you need to take action! There are many ways to take action, depending on your website needs. Here is a helpful list to get you started:

Are you using WordPress?

If you are using WordPress here is what you need to know. You are probably already sitting pretty, as the latest WordPress has themes that are mobile ready: WordPress Mobile Ready

You can also purchase a theme from Theme Forest, they are highly recommended and have amazing Theme creators that can take your business to the next level: AVADA Theme

If that’s the case great! Keep up the solid work! If your WordPress is not mobile ready, you need to go to link above and see which themes are mobile ready, of course, you need to enable them. After activation your website will now become responsive or mobile ready, congratulations!

Are you using a static website?

You might be asking, what is a “static” website, well, let’s break it down:

Static website is a site that contains web pages with fixed content. Making changes requires you to change the HTML file for each page.

Dynamic website (WordPress) is site that uses not only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, but also uses server-side code. This allows the servers to create unique content when the page is loaded.

Responsive website is how your website reacts via the device you are using. A responsive website can adapt to different browser sizes. It doesn’t mater what the screen resolution is or what device you are on, it will adjust for better viewing pleasure.

If you want to change your static website to a responsive website try this guide: Static to Responsive

Why is Google doing this?

They want to clean up the internet, can you blame them? Being able to have websites load fast and create a better overall experience for the person searching, that’s what it’s all about. Google want’s you to not to have issues while searching, all while on a mobile device, fast efficient, and easy. This will not only clean the internet of those websites that are hard to navigate, but also weed out the ones that are never maintained, thus being a eye-sore for the web community.

You need to know that this update will not affect any results from a desktop computer’s search results. This will ONLY affect any mobile searches conducted.

This algorithm update will have a huge impact on the web, making individual businesses change to Google’s web standards or fall by the wayside. Don’t let this update intimidate you but make the proper steps to change for the better! Think of this as a way to help your clients view your website in a better fashion. Your clients want your product fast, easy, and without hassle, so make it happen for them, with your website. Give them a reason to want to use your product!

Always remember we are here to help, if you need any assistance we would be more than happy to guide you to the right option for your business!


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