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Trying to create a personal brand within Michigan is easier than you thought. With the technology we have today anyone can find more information about you on the internet. However, you want that information to be precise, informative, and built on a solid foundation. WordPress can cover all three of those attributes and do much more. In this article we will touch on how to build a solid foundation for your personal brand.

Do I Need Personal Brand?

If you are going to start a small or large business it’s a must to implement a personal brand. Creating a personal brand gives you the opportunity to market yourself on the internet.

Personal branding within Michigan can help you produce trust for your business. Personal branding also allows you to create contacts, begin leading in your industry, and find new opportunities.

You must be careful when putting information about your brand on the internet. Everyone that sees your content will judge whether or not they want to work with you. This is why it’s extremely important to have a game plan before jumping into website development in Michigan.

Constructing a Website

When creating a brand on the internet the first thing you will want is a personal website.

Even though you might have all your social media profiles setup it’s highly recommended to create a personal website. The reason being is that social media networks come and go but as for a personal URL, they never become unpopular or become an old method. You also want a platform where you can create any content, design, and logo you desire. This puts all the focus on your brand and product which gives you the edge on your competition.

Building a website with WordPress is easy to do. The first thing you will need is hosting. We recommend using MicrotHosting, as they have unbeatable prices for domain names and hosting packages.

Most hosting services have a one click WordPress install that allows you to get started with your WordPress website fast! If not WordPress breaks down how to install. Valentino Web Design would be glad to assist you with your WordPress install if needed.You can contact us and we would be more than happy to help you..

Get a Theme That Fits Your Websites Needs

Having a WordPress theme that fits your businesses overall brand helps relay your objective to the customers. Make sure to use a theme that can have unlimited options. From color scheme to customizing the navigation on how your see fit, make sure the theme can work for you. We recommend Avada’s theme. Not only is it the top seller on Theme Forest, but it also allows for unlimited options.

Start Creating Content For Your Website In Michigan

WordPress can be easy to install but the hard part is creating content. Make sure that your content is relevant to your industry, should showcase your skills, and has informative information that customers will appreciate.

Make sure to create an about us page that gives insights to current and prospective clients. You want the about us page to let your users know what you do, possible certificates earned, and a link to your portfolio. Valentino Web Design can assist if you need content for your website in Michigan, just contact us.

Make Sure To Have Contact Us Page

It’s a must to have a contact us page on your WordPress website. A lot of people don’t want to use their social media profile to contact you. At first, they want to be anonymous for the most part so they can get to see what your services entail. Having a contact us form will allow your visitors to contact you quickly and easily. Contact Form 7 works great, give it a try.

Adding a Blog

WordPress automatically comes with a blog on the front page. This can be removed or you can use it, this is up to you.

However, using a WordPress blog has a lot of benefits. A blog is used to continually be adding content. Adding content on a continual basis helps not only bring back users but also brings in new ones. It’s also great for SEO to have fresh content on your website. You can also add more content as you see fit, giving you the option to write more on whatever topics you desire.


Make sure to add a portfolio of your work. This is important because customers want to see how your work compares to others. Make sure to put your most successful projects to your portfolio within Michigan.

This can help build trust between you and your customer and give customers insight on how all your work is completed.

Use Testimonials

Testimonials can help you show what prior customers are saying about you. When you use this method it helps build even more trust with your potential customers. Using WordPress you can do this with ease, as there are many plugins that offer testimonial functions.

Using Social Media On WordPress

WordPress has a lot of options when it comes to implementing social media. Make sure to use a social media plugin that doesn’t slow down your website, as most of them do.

A social media plugin inspires users to share your content. Sharing your content can help spread the message of your brand or product. It can also be beneficial for SEO reasons.

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