Online local directories have become the cornerstone for local SEO. As we advance toward a mobile future we see a trend of consumers conducting their shopping online. Not only are consumers shopping online, but these potential customers are searching local business directories.

With that in mind Google’s research study shows 4 in 5 consumers use search engines to find local information. Consumers want to use local companies, so why not make it easier for them?

As a business owner it’s critical to search for the best local directories and claim your page. Claiming the page will allow you to respond to any customers that rate your business.

Getting A Local SEO Boost By Utilizing Local Directories

Most local directories have similar attributes as Yelp allowing locals to review your business and giving you access to edit phone numbers, hours, website links, locations, and your businesses description.

Claiming your page will give you the ability to make sure accurate information is input. On most of the directories you can expect signing up to claim your business page. Once claimed, you can make sure the page is customized to suit your needs, such as, adding graphics, messages, and other important contact information.

Some of these local directories charge to have you on their website. Others like Google’s local search directory are free. Some directories charge a one-time fee and others can be recurring. It’s important to use your own discretion when signing up for these directories. Confirm legitimacy before conducting business with any directory!

How To Find The Best Local Directories To Use

The best way to see if your in a local online directory is to search on your own business. This can give you a overview on some of the most popular directories being used. It can also show if your competition is using online directories. If not, this gives you an edge!

It’s important to see what your competition is doing. This can give you ideas on what to do or what NOT to do. Try to make sure to keep up with the competition when it comes to online directories. If they are on the directory and you are not, it could mean more business for them.

Check out SEMRush if you are questioning a particular service. This shows a vast amount of data on website usage. You get 20 free searches with their free trail. Alexa is free and gives some in-depth data that can expand your search.

Expand With Local Directories

SEO is a vital part to your online survival! Local businesses need to take advantage of online directories or be left behind by their competition. Focus your time and energy on creating a local market, as you can only expand from there!

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