It’s interesting to see where we have come from with digital marketing. Only a decade ago the chance of getting a digital marketing job was unheard of. Now, the digital marketing economy is growing and will continue to grow.

Looking at MOZ we seen some exciting growth and opportunities that will expand social media digital marketing. We’re seeing a expansive growth for marketing skills in a digital form. With a 13% rise in digital marketing managers and a national salary average of $102,000 with jobs titles containing “SEO”.

Companies that want online growth are finding that there is a need for digital marketing specialists. These companies are using more of their resources to make sure they get the right people for the job. It seems that this will only continue to grow as the internet expands and the digital market place becomes more competitive.

Why Start Using Digital Marketing

  1. Impressions are cost effective: Digital marketing is becoming the new form of advertising. This is due to the lower costs over your traditional methods such as TV, radio, and magazines.
  2. Tracking: Being able to track how your perspective customer use your digital marketing methods is priceless. Each click on any digital ad you create can be tracked to see what’s working and what’s not working. Having full details in real time is a huge advantage over traditional methods of marketing.
  3. Interactive for the customer: Digital marketing is far more interactive for the perspective customer as well, letting them participate in specific ads that can bring in more clientele.
  4. Outsource: You have many options out there for companies to help you grow in a world that demands a online presence. Why hire another employee when you can outsource to an agency that knows the online market place. Run your business and let the professionals guide your digital marketing. Choose a company that is willing to give your business the full digital marketing plan for success!
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