So you’re deciphering whether to create a website yourself or have a professional web design company design one for you. The main issue with the clients I work with is the difficult decision for a conclusion on hiring a professional or creating a website themselves. The foremost reason for the client creating their own website is due to costs of hiring a professional web designer. As a web designer, I see this decision made every day. Sometimes after consulting with a client they decide that they can create their own website. These clients have no training or experience in website development. 95% of the time the individuals deciding to create their own website wish they would have hired a professional. The 5% of people that complete their website by creating it themselves have some kind of HTML, PHP, and programming knowledge.

Web designing and programming isn’t a profession you can learn overnight. It’s a skill that needs to be attained from years of training. A very high percentage of clients that tried to create their own website seemed to always come back and have a professional take control. They come to understand that time is money, and they don’t have time to be learning HTML, PHP, and programming to create their website. Most of the clients I create websites for are busy with their business(s). Now, can you imagine working 60 hours a week as a business owner and coming home trying to learn the skills necessary to create your own website? You’re not going to! Most of them go home and crash!

Some essential skills to design and build a website are:

  • HTML knowledge- Important to have some basic knowledge for creation of website.
  • Programming- The site you want to create might need CGI, JavaScript or database programming to add interactive web pages or integrate it with an online database.
  • Creative ability- Creating an attractive website is important, making an attractive website can make or break a business online.
  • Graphic software expertise- The use of Photoshop to produce eye-catching spotless photos and site graphics. It is also required to optimize the pictures to the smallest file dimension intended for rapid page loading.
  • Navigation proficiency- Knowledgeable of website functionality and navigation design can be a significant skill.
  • Marketing knowledge- Doesn’t matter what type of website you are building, there are some foremost marketing standards that need to be measured.

Bottom line:

The ultimate conclusion whether to employ a professional web designer to build your website depends on what abilities you have, and how much time you can spend on such a project. Plus, you have to ask yourself whether or not you want to do the work yourself.

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